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The vector zip file size is 3.62MB.The downloaded file includes these files: Dr. Hibbert 01.eps:299.86KB, Moe Szyslak 01.eps:283.28KB, Scratchy 01.eps:320.46KB, Bart Simpson 02.eps:291.36KB, Otto Mans 01.eps:304.33KB, Milhouse Van Houten 01.eps:283.46KB, Homer Simpson 01.eps:281.87KB, Selma Bouvier 01.eps:292.75KB, Itchy 01.eps:308.54KB, Waylon Smithers 01.eps:285.04KB, Barney Gumble 01.eps:300.41KB, Lisa Simpson 01.eps:278.54KB, Chief Clancy Wiggum 01.eps:363.59KB, Groundskeeper Willie 01.eps:304.59KB, Rod Flanders 01.eps:277.36KB, Ralph Wiggum 01.eps:346.39KB, simpsons.jpg:88.81KB, Sideshow Mel 01.eps:302.55KB, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon 01.eps:279.95KB, Sideshow Bob 01.eps:308.02KB, Grandpa Simpson.eps:301.31KB, Patty Bouvier 01.eps:294.59KB, Principal Skinner 01.eps:290.17KB, Mayor Quimby 01.eps:293.36KB, Ned Flanders 01.eps:283.66KB, vector_simpsons1.eps:273.85KB, vector_simpsons2.eps:278.9KB, Marge Simpson 01.eps:276.27KB, Maggie Simpson 01.eps:281.74KB, vector_simpsons.eps:265.49KB, Todd Flanders 01.eps:292.33KB, Krusty the Clown 01.eps:302.43KB, Bart Simpson 01.eps:279.71KB, Homer Simpson 02.eps:273.23KB, Maude Flanders 01.eps:292.85KB, Mrs. Edna Krabappel 01.eps:292.4KB, Charles Montgomery Burns 01.eps:286.06KB. you can download the vector file "" for free. and the author is posted at


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