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Free T-Shirt vector template graphics pack with cool prints and slogans for your t-shirts collection. If you like to create your own t-shirts, you’ll love this free vector download pack with plenty of original t-shirt designs, free for personal and commercial use. Enjoy! T-shirt vectors by Laakso for FreeVector.com . This vector file size is 4.8MB, and it includes FreeVector-T-Shirt-Vector.ai:2.47MB, FreeVector-T-Shirt-Vector.svg:1.45MB, ._FreeVector-T-Shirt-Vector.pdf:70B, ._FreeVector-T-Shirt-Vector.ai:443B, FreeVector.COM.url:52B, FreeVector-T-Shirt-Vector.eps:3.03MB, ._FreeVector-T-Shirt-Vector.jpg:53.15KB, ._FreeVector-T-Shirt-Vector.eps:373.23KB, FreeVector-T-Shirt-Vector.pdf:1.72MB, ._FreeVector-T-Shirt-Vector.svg:70B, _Read-This-First_FREEVECTOR-END-USER-LICENSE-AGREEMENT.pdf:62.7KB, FreeVector-T-Shirt-Vector.jpg:168.46KB. you can download vector file "t-shirt-vector.zip" below for free.Original posted at www.freevector.com


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