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Free vector Post-it note stationery graphics with colorful icons and symbols: airplane, game console, star, arrows, leaf, CD, ipod, atom and headphones illustrations. Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors, the most iconic post-it notes are canary yellow squares. Post it notes by Laakso for 0 . This vector file size is 3.66MB, and it includes ._FreeVector-Notes.jpg:57.33KB, ._FreeVector-Notes.pdf:70B, FreeVector-Notes.pdf:400.35KB, FreeVector-Notes.svg:237.36KB, FreeVector-Notes.eps:3.44MB, _Read-This-First_FREEVECTOR-END-USER-LICENSE-AGREEMENT.pdf:62.7KB,,, ._FreeVector-Notes.svg:70B, FreeVector-Notes.jpg:368.4KB, ._FreeVector-Notes.eps:559.14KB. you can download vector file "" below for free.Original posted at


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