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Heavy Metal Hand


Vector illustration of a hand making the sign of horns: index finger and pinkie held up in the air. Hand illustration with nails and skin lines. Ellipse shape in the background. Free vector illustration for all heavy metal, rock music, gestures, signs, symbolism, company logo or app icon designs. Sign Of Horns by Vectorportal.com 0 . This vector file size is 1.54MB, and it includes VectorPortal-Heavy-Metal-Hand.ai:791.04KB, VectorPortal-Heavy-Metal-Hand.pdf:840.71KB, ._VectorPortal-Heavy-Metal-Hand.pdf:82B, ._VectorPortal-Heavy-Metal-Hand.jpg:177B, ._Vectorportal.com.url:483B, ._VectorPortal-Heavy-Metal-Hand.ai:443B, Vectorportal.com.url:67B, VectorPortal-Heavy-Metal-Hand.jpg:75.24KB. you can download vector file "heavy-metal-hand.zip" below for free.Original posted at www.freevector.com


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