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Free Seamless Vector Pattern Set


This set contains 12 seamless vector patterns. The available files are: AI, PNG and .PAT (Photoshop pattern file). This vector file size is 803.94KB, and it includes pattern1b.png:1.57KB, pattern3b.png:904B, pattern1.png:1.68KB, pattern3.png:1.07KB, pattern2b.png:1.78KB, pattern4b.png:1.63KB, pattern4.png:1.67KB, pattern5b.png:620B, pattern6b.png:1.98KB, pattern5.png:705B, pattern2.png:2.08KB, pattern6.png:2.3KB,,, seamless-pattern-set30.pat:101.9KB, Read_Me.txt:454B, pattern1b.png:1.58KB, pattern3b.png:936B, pattern1.png:1.74KB, pattern3.png:1.05KB, pattern2b.png:1.78KB, pattern4b.png:1.6KB, pattern4.png:1.73KB, pattern5b.png:627B, pattern6b.png:2KB, pattern5.png:683B, pattern2.png:2.2KB, pattern6.png:2.47KB. you can download vector file "" below for free. and the author is Vector Patterns.Original posted at


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