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CMYK color chart vector with large selection of sample colors: yellow, green, blue, cyan, magenta, purple, orange and red. Download CMYK multicolor catalogue to kick-start your design projects with this beautiful colors spectrum. Color palette in vector art AI, EPS, SVG and PDF format. Colors guide vector by . This vector file size is 1.98MB, and it includes FreeVector-CMYK-Colors.jpg:127.42KB,, ._FreeVector-CMYK-Colors.eps:529.78KB, FreeVector.COM.url:52B, FreeVector-CMYK-Colors.eps:723.89KB, ._FreeVector-CMYK-Colors.pdf:70B, FreeVector-CMYK-Colors.svgz:44.44KB, _Read-This-First_FREEVECTOR-END-USER-LICENSE-AGREEMENT.pdf:62.7KB,, ._FreeVector-CMYK-Colors.jpg:61.07KB, FreeVector-CMYK-Colors.pdf:417.63KB, ._FreeVector-CMYK-Colors.svgz:70B. you can download vector file "" below for free.Original posted at


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