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VCard Free PSD Template


The psd file size is 2.42MB.The downloaded zip file include these files: READ ME FIRST.txt:1.95KB, vcard.psd:7.21MB, work.html:1.97KB, social.html:1.8KB, bg.png:3.74KB, contact_background.png:2.76KB, flickr_icon.png:7.57KB, reddit_icon.png:9.19KB, nav_divider.png:2.73KB, navigation.png:38.51KB, del_icon.png:6.88KB, vcard_middle.png:2.89KB, facebook_icon.png:7.25KB, twitter_icon.png:8.09KB, tech_icon.png:7.95KB, rss_icon.png:8.05KB, vcard_bottom.png:7.87KB, vcard_top.png:3.83KB, stumble_icon.png:8.22KB, example_image.gif:8.24KB, contact.html:1.91KB, index.html:2.64KB, styles.css:4.41KB, ie.css:293B, reset.css:1.03KB. you can download the psd file "" for free. and the author is posted at


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