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Social Media Follow Buttons


Today’s freebie includes 5 flat designed social media follow buttons. These can be used on any type of website and download comes with psd and png files, the downloaded zip file include readme.txt:1.08KB, flat_follow_btns.jpg:41.29KB, .DS_Store:6KB, google+_btn.png:3.21KB, dribbble_btn.png:3.24KB, rss_btn.png:2.86KB, facebook_btn.png:2.57KB, twitter_btn.png:2.65KB, flat_follow_btns.psd:296.11KB, ._readme.txt:171B, ._flat_follow_btns.jpg:82B, ._flat_follow_btns.psd:12.82KB, ._dribbble_btn.png:82B, ._facebook_btn.png:82B, ._rss_btn.png:82B, ._twitter_btn.png:82B, ._google+_btn.png:82B, ._.DS_Store:82B. you can download file "" below for free.Original posted at


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