100 Hand Drawn Arrows free download

100 Hand Drawn Arrows screenshot
100 Hand Drawn Arrows
100 Hand Drawn Arrows screenshot 2
100 Hand Drawn Arrows screenshot 2


This exclusive freebie is a set of 100 arrows created by hand in vector format, so you can change the colours and sizes as you wish. The formats come in EPS, AI, JPG, and PNG formats. These arrows are very useful to use in patterns, logos, print designs, invitations, web design and other projects to give a unique hand-drawn touch, the downloaded zip file include .DS_Store:6KB, Arrows.jpg:225.22KB, Arrows2.jpg:243.36KB, Arrows.eps:33.6MB, .DS_Store:6KB, Arrows2.eps:33.14MB, .DS_Store:12KB, .DS_Store:6KB, Arrows.png:2.2MB, Arrows2.png:964.16KB, Arrows.ai:5.38MB, .DS_Store:6KB, Arrows2.ai:5.2MB, .DS_Store:6KB, License_"100 Hand-drawn arrows".jpg:2.04MB, ._Arrows2.jpg:95.63KB, ._.DS_Store:120B, ._Arrows.jpg:94.97KB, ._Arrows.eps:1.82KB, ._Arrows2.eps:1.82KB, ._.DS_Store:120B, ._Arrows.png:374B, ._Arrows2.png:315B, ._.DS_Store:120B, ._Arrows.ai:481B, ._Arrows2.ai:481B, ._.DS_Store:120B, ._.DS_Store:120B, ._.DS_Store:120B, ._License_"100 Hand-drawn arrows".jpg:177B, ._100 Hand drawn arrows:231B. you can download file "100-hand-drawn-arrows.zip" below for free.Original posted at www.bestpsdfreebies.com


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