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The psd file size is 1.42MB.The downloaded zip file include these files: Graph 4.png:2.76KB, Location.png:2.96KB, Graph 3.png:2.76KB, Blank Page.png:2.77KB, Tick.png:2.94KB, Female User.png:2.93KB, Zoom Out.png:2.96KB, Add.png:2.83KB, Battery 50 Percent.png:2.79KB, Mail.png:2.87KB, Battery 100 Percent.png:2.78KB, Page With Text.png:2.79KB, Pause.png:2.76KB, Star 1.png:2.99KB, Equalizer 2.png:2.78KB, Copy 1.png:2.8KB, Equalizer 8.png:2.79KB, cloud.png:2.88KB, Stop.png:2.76KB, Pen Tool.png:2.91KB, Battery 75 Percent.png:2.79KB, Profile Info.png:2.89KB, Previous.png:2.89KB, Graph 1.png:2.78KB, Mouse.png:2.89KB, Elliptical Marquee Tool.png:2.92KB, Equalizer 4.png:2.78KB, Credit Card.png:2.82KB, Eraser.png:2.81KB, Upload.png:2.9KB, Screen Mode 2.png:2.79KB, Battery Charging.png:2.84KB, Clock.png:2.98KB, Search.png:2.96KB, Ruler.png:2.79KB, Screen Mode 1.png:2.78KB, Equalizer 6.png:2.78KB, Keychain.png:2.81KB, Equalizer 5.png:2.78KB, Male User.png:2.91KB, Arrange Documents.png:2.77KB, Next.png:2.89KB, Mouse 2.png:2.91KB, Download.png:2.9KB, Graph 2.png:2.78KB, Battery 25 Percent.png:2.79KB, Blur Tool.png:2.9KB, Eyedropper Tool.png:2.81KB, Equalizer 3.png:2.77KB, Notepad.png:2.84KB, Rectangular Marquee Tool.png:2.77KB, Heart.png:2.94KB, Trash.png:2.83KB, Signal.png:2.79KB, Tag.png:2.85KB, View Extras.png:2.79KB, Shape Layers.png:2.79KB, Page No Text.png:2.76KB, Grid View.png:2.76KB, Play.png:2.86KB, Camera.png:3KB, Remove.png:2.75KB, Web Page.png:2.79KB, Comment.png:2.86KB, Star 2.png:2.92KB, Equalizer 7.png:2.8KB, List View.png:2.76KB, Copy 2.png:2.8KB, Crop Tool.png:2.81KB, Cross.png:2.82KB, Full Screen Mode.png:2.88KB, Calender.png:2.81KB, Comments.png:2.88KB, Equalizer 1.png:2.77KB, Paintbrush Tool.png:2.94KB, Zoom In.png:2.96KB, Grid View 2.png:2.78KB, Pixel UI Icon Set - Custom Vector Shapes.csh:114.14KB, READ ME.txt:258B, Pixel UI Icon Set 365.psd:5MB, Pixel UI Icon Set 365 - preview 1.jpg:381.32KB. you can download the psd file "pixel-ui-icon-set.zip" for free. and the author is Matt Gentile.Original posted at all-free-download.com


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