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Paper Plane icon PSD


The psd file size is 11.48MB.The downloaded zip file include these files: favico_32x32.ico:5.3KB, favico_16x16.ico:1.12KB, preview.jpg:47.56KB, pp_32x32x32.png:1022B, pp_48x48x32.png:1.38KB, pp_256x256x32.png:6.71KB, pp_512x512x32.png:14.3KB, pp_128x128x32.png:3.49KB, pp_16x16x32.png:589B, pp.icns:89.66KB, pp.hqx:123.2KB, pp.ico:344.84KB, PP.psd:29.98MB. you can download the psd file "" for free. and the author is posted at


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