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The psd file size is 54.6KB.The downloaded zip file include these files: .DS_Store:12KB, Terminal.png:558B, Restricted.png:716B, Mail.png:635B, Contrast.png:519B, Toolbox.png:498B, .DS_Store:15KB, Calendar.png:569B, Projects.png:631B, Downloads.png:579B, Activity Monitor.png:492B, Address book.png:675B, Movies.png:559B, Notes.png:480B, Music.png:624B, Clipboard.png:646B, Statistics.png:649B, Switch.png:551B, Random.png:513B, Chalkboard.png:627B, Minim icons by Pranav.psd:377.72KB, .DS_Store:6KB. you can download the psd file "" for free. and the author is Pranav Pramod.Original posted at


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