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Glyph UI Icon Set


The downloaded zip file include Clock Radio.png:2.82KB, star.png:2.87KB, comments.png:2.92KB, Home.png:2.78KB, Gears.png:2.91KB, right.png:2.78KB, tag.png:2.8KB, Copy.png:2.77KB, Screen.png:2.8KB, check.png:2.8KB, iPad.png:2.82KB, Anchor.png:2.88KB, left.png:2.78KB, Files Empty.png:2.87KB, Office Phone.png:2.86KB, up.png:2.79KB, Stats Down.png:2.79KB, Paper folded.png:2.78KB, Ribbon.png:2.8KB, Stats 1.png:2.76KB, Present.png:2.8KB, iPod.png:2.84KB, Search.png:2.92KB, cursor - mouse.png:2.8KB, Cloud.png:2.87KB, Film Print.png:2.79KB, Stats Up.png:2.78KB, Airplane.png:2.84KB, TV.png:2.82KB, female.png:2.84KB, Bucket.png:2.84KB, tag 2.png:2.81KB, Files Full.png:2.88KB, male.png:2.83KB, Heart.png:2.86KB, Notes.png:2.86KB, stats 2.png:2.76KB, calender.png:2.79KB, Comment Bubble.png:2.88KB, down.png:2.79KB, list view.png:2.76KB, Paper plane.png:2.89KB, CD case.png:2.91KB, Gears 2.png:2.89KB, Views.png:2.9KB, images.png:2.8KB, Paperclip.png:2.84KB, refresh.png:2.89KB,, Glyph UI Icon Set.psd:3.49MB, Glyph UI Icon Set - Custom Shape File.csh:69.46KB. you can download file "" below for free.Original posted at


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