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Circla Dock Icons screenshot
Circla Dock Icons
Circla Dock Icons screenshot 2
Circla Dock Icons screenshot 2


Circla Dock set is a collection of vibrant dock icons for Mac OS X platform. Icons come in PNG and ICNS formats and can be directly used in applications. PNG images works well with web and print templates. These icons are designed with design concepts from Mac applications. , the downloaded zip file include readme.txt:159B, acrobat_circla.icns:91.95KB, settings_circla.icns:187.28KB, illustrator_circla.icns:155.01KB, photoshop_circla.icns:176.21KB, finder_circla.hqx:246.9KB, skype_circla.icns:187.27KB, firefox_circla.icns:157.15KB, imessage_circla.icns:172.55KB, mail_circla.icns:163.86KB, spotify_circla.icns:148.69KB, chrome_circla.icns:178.51KB, itunes_circla.icns:163.39KB, photoshop_circla.png:19.96KB, acrobat_circla.png:18.15KB, mail_circla.png:19.32KB, settings_circla.png:22.14KB, imessage_circla.png:26.21KB, itunes_circla.png:21.27KB, skype_circla.png:24.68KB, chrome_circla.png:21.02KB, finder_circla.png:18.96KB, spotify_circla.png:20.04KB, firefox_circla.png:25.86KB, illustrator_circla.png:18.4KB, Circla Dock Icons Preview.png:177.91KB. you can download file "" below for free.Original posted at


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