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Abstract Flowers Icons


Floral vector graphics like knots or Irish ornaments. Crisp black lines and simple Illustrator shapes that make these illustrations great to use a tattoo design, sticker, decoration or clothing pattern. Four beautiful symbols that give traditional images a more modern and digital feel. Get inspired and use them!  Floral Knots by VectorPortal.com . This vector file size is 770.17KB, and it includes ._VectorPortal-Abstract-Flowers-Icons.ai:443B, ._VectorPortal-Abstract-Flowers-Icons.pdf:70B, VectorPortal-Abstract-Flowers-Icons.ai:386.41KB, VectorPortal-Abstract-Flowers-Icons.pdf:405.86KB, VectorPortal-Abstract-Flowers-Icons.jpg:113.52KB, Vectorportal.com.url:67B. you can download vector file "abstract-flowers-icons.zip" below for free.Original posted at www.freevector.com


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