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Butterflies Vector


I was playing around with some butterflies this weekend and I have another set of freebies for you. Once again, I haven't actually had the chance to use these for real, so I think I will just have to start making some designs on my own as case studies to practice. After all, that's one of the reasons I started BittBox, so I can enjoy designing, without having a client that needs it. Anyway, here are the butterfly vectors I've been playing with, maybe you can find a use for them. This vector file size is 638.35KB, and it includes butterflies_2_ill8.ai:245.65KB, butterflies_2.png:75.02KB, ._butterflies_2_ill8.ai:8.81KB, ._butterflies_2.eps:125.44KB, ._butterflies_2.svg:82B, ._butterflies_2.png:61.73KB, butterflies_2.svg:275.78KB, butterflies_2.eps:476.49KB. you can download vector file "butterflies-vector.zip" below for free. and the author is Bitbox.Original posted at www.freevectors.net


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