Thumbs up, thumbs down icons (PSD) free download

Thumbs up, thumbs down icons (PSD) screenshot
Thumbs up, thumbs down icons (PSD)


The downloaded zip file include thumbs-up-thumbs-down.psd:1.68MB, thumbs-down-256x256.png:22.63KB, thumbs-up-128x128.png:9.54KB,, thumbs-down-64x64.png:4.54KB, thumbs-up-256x256.png:22.73KB, thumbs-up-32x32.png:2.63KB, thumbs-down-32x32.png:2.64KB, thumbs-down-128x128.png:9.55KB, thumbs-up-64x64.png:4.51KB. you can download file "" below for free.Original posted at


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